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fredag 18 juli 2008

Flower Power (Tillägnad Tage Danielssons minne, denne vise poet som skulle ha fyllt 80 år i år)

~*~ Flower Power ~*~
(from "Collected
Poems 1967-1967")
In blossoms there are a kind glorious flowerpower,
a shaftheightmight
which brings new rosebudsbusttrust
to the cowslipstrifelife.
Flower power.
Of blossoms one get caulispious.
War is conducted by violetpistolettes
and tulipcannonships
and bombshell of pelargoniumuranium
in a lily-of-the-valley-battle-field.
Then you send a cat's-footnote
and talk anemonereason
with the enemies lingking
and then the war goes up in a yellow star-of-Betlehem-flame.
Flower power.
And should some amaryllisliquorish
get incapably cotton-grassedbuzzed,
become bloom- and petalfittal
and get chrysanthemumsimpleton
and start a queen of the nightfight
with the local speedwellconstable
he then gets himself a soft and tender bluebellknell.
After that he becomes immortellewell.
Flower power.
O the sweet life I olivelive!
One takes oneself on a wind-floweringjourneying
to bloomRome,
feeds upon rose-bushmash
and pinkdrink.
In fresh legumecostume
one can on classical ground garlicfrolic
to honeysuckleCapitol
and perhaps columbinecombine
an henbanecourtesan
with a florawhore
whom for some modest flower-bedbread
invites one to an herd's grass-interlude-amourous.
Then one should politely be milfoilgrateful.
And if one has no money cloverover
then one writes a chrysanthempoem,
a lovesick forget-me-not-down-dot,
and sings to a magnoliasignora
with a blouse of chlorophyllfulle
so maybe she freely camomillewill.
And then when the pockets are flowerfairbare
one is due to get on the thornroad
and work in one's botanyfactory
and wait for a new hayfriday
when one gets hair of the maidpaid
in sugar-peabrief.
Flower power.
In blossoms there are a kind glorious flowerpower,
little ivylady!
Take off your orchidperkskirt
and your rosespanties
and shower your blooming ivybody
flowerhappy and treeluckily
in our flower- and treelagoonspring!
Our flower power shower.
~*~By Tage Danielsson 1967.~*~
~*~Rendered by LordParzifal 16-21Oct95.~*~
(This is also named "Flower Power" in swedish in "Collected
Poems 1967-1967"...yes, that's right, of one of Swedens most
famous stand-up comedians as early as in the 60's and
anti-War personality who died in '85...Tage Danielsson).

By Tage Danielsson 1967.
Rendered by LordParzifal 16-21Oct95.
After the Death of my 19yr black cat Sabina had been buried in
the Garden October 9th...

~*~ LordParzifal ~*~

Copyright: Tage Danielsson/Svenska Ord 1967
Engelsk version: LPWJ 16-21/10/1995

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en av Sveriges mest intressanta personer

Be well,

1 kommentarer:

Jörgen P Olsson sa...

Jag tror faktiskt att jag har den där Tage Danielsson-boken sedan tiden jag jobbade på biblioteket. De sålde den för en billig slant. Flower power tycker jag också om!

Ha det jättebra!Tune in to Mars!

Mvh Metropolisen JPO