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måndag 17 november 2008

Beauty in a Cage

~~~~~~~~~~Beauty in a Cage~~~~~~~~~~
I touch you...you're in pain....suffering.....aching again
you don't mind, you snuggle close and take my hand in yours
you like me there and like to be there
when I cheer you up from all of your rage born out of the ache
My Beauty in a Cage.
Each time I cuddle closer
my arms of comfort around you
Days before your arousal was bliss to see but now I see you ache
My chest to yours...I see you feeling better but beneath it you ache.
So many times I watched your sickness speak to me when a no is a yes and yes is a no
from when and to where go roads then go...
Seeing it and not able to stopping even trying
being close as ever feeling the suffering
watching the testing of the worth of it, the bond, the hold, by mentioning the unmentionable
screaming in anger at everything and all - speaking the unspeakable thought...your mind enfolds
instead of what we need and what we want...closer togetherness not apart
...wish you would'nt feel that way.....it's hard enough without hearing you say
"one of those days Im gonna miss you...even in my sleep"
wasting our precious time then catching up over and over again and again and so the story goes on and on
and then...your smile cracks through the clouds.
...your voice speaks to me...."leaning on you baby"
you watch my happy/sad smile as I watch yours.....we are one Together.
I touch you...you're in pain....suffering.....aching again
you don't care, you wrap me in a close embrace
I cheer you up each day from your ache
My Beauty in a Cage.
Your mountainclimb was huge - but peak of pain you conquered now
will go quicker down it other side and a fast recovery I know somehow
Tears on my pillow
dreaming of our picnic under the willow
when your ffingerss ain't sliieepfiiing and ache is NO MOER.
*Dedicated to Lisette and her struggles with Lymes disease.

(Vet inte om det kommer att finnas en svensk översättning på den här,
eftersom jag skrev den i ett "low-flow" och jag vill helst inte vara i den
känslan igen så länge som en översättning tar).

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